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The ONLY Community-Style Massage Center in Northern California!

Providing social-justice informed massage, bodywork, body therapy, and somatic therapy.


$50 for first time sessions (30-min hands-on out of a 45-min session)
$35-$50 per 30-min session (returning clients)
$70-90 per 45-min session



Clothed Table Massage for pain, stress, injuries/surgical recovery, and improved range of motion.  We are a trauma-informed clinic and will work with you to accommodate your medical conditions. 



Why get a massage?  

Massage is helpful for many types of pain, body types, medical conditions, and more.  

- Improve joint function and balance muscle tension

- Manage all types of pain and stress

- Post-accident/trauma and surgical recovery, including common pain and range-of-motion restrictions from surgical scars

- Post-physical therapy pain management

- "Pre-habilitation" so that you don't have to wait until after an injury to rehabilitate

- Combating body shame and dysphoria

- Providing a positive resource to cope with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction 

- Medical conditions such as TMJ, sciatica, arthritis, leg-length discrepancies, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, whiplash, anxiety and PTSD.


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Every BODY deserves a safe massage they enjoy, no matter your race, gender orientation, sexual orientation, medical condition, "disorder", diagnosis, history, or previous experience with touch or massage.


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